Giving For Good Charity Program - Holiday Inn Resort

September is a special month at IHG, we are dedicating the entire month to giving back. The team from Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa recently joined the many activities as part of Giving For Good programs.

Beach Cleaning

Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa conducts a “Beach Cleaning” along Tanjung Benoa beach as part of a routine CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of Giving For Good program. High rainfall and wind resulted in a lot of seasonal waste along Tanjung benoa beach. Seasonal waste carried by the current is dominated by wood waste and plastic waste. Our resort is one of the resorts located in the Tanjung Benoa beach area which is also affected by the seasonal waste. More than 20 participants of team members volunteering to pick up garbage across the Tanjung Benoa Beach.

Garage Sale & Mocktail Charity

This resort has the main pool overlooking the beach, second pool located in the middle of the resort and the kids pool area. Guest can relax and lounging on the sunbed at the pool side. The pool facilities also open for outside guests and they can order food and beverages from the restaurant and bar next to the pool.

Our resort held a Garage Sale& Mocktail for Charity on Monday 19 September 2022. Located in the canteen area, this Garage Sale sells a variety of secondhand goods from community donations, such as clothes, bags, shoes, dolls, displays, children's toys and many other types of goods. There are also drinks of mocktails to sell on this event. Many visitors come and shop at Garage Sale for Charity

Little Big Hotelier

Inviting local Elementary School students to experience a day how to be a hotelier. This Little Big Hotelier program held in 23 September 2022 dedicated to little students who loves to learn and experience new things. As we know kids, in general are very active and love to explore, so why wouldn’t we let them learn, play and have fun at the same time?

Little Big Hotelier offers kids the opportunity to see the inner workings of their resort property as they take up roles in key departments, learning new skills while they have fun with other children, all under the guidance of the Holiday Inn Hotelier crew. They can choose the role they would like to be in and experience the life of a chef, porter or receptionist.

Visiting to SLB 2 Negeri Denpasar

Sharing and caring to special student. This program is held at Special School which is located at Denpasar, Bali. The Charity program was aimed to share knowledge with special needs students and giving motivation to them. Fun activities as edutainment bringing learning through role-play as hotelier like mocktail making. Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa also give the donation as part of the support for students.

Temple Cleaning and Former Employee Donation

The Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa has embraced its employees to participate in carrying out social activities to help certain organizations, one of which is ngayah activity. The Oberoi Beach Resort has also participated in mereresik (cleaning) activities with at local temple.

The company also provides direct donations in the form of charity (voluntarily) to certain circles of society. In this time, we made a donation for former employees that still have economy challenges form pandemic.